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Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scale
Product No# 88480900479
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Investing in a good quality, reliable, and decidedly un-fancy digital scale is a must for everyday gourmets in search of consistency. 
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It isn't very often you will see a professional chef with a measuring cup in his hand - unless he is measuring liquid.  Almost always, pro kitchen recipes (formulas) are described in weight - ie: so many grams of flour and so many milligrams of salt.  Ingredients differ in density and volume by country and by altitude, but one thing is constant, and that's weight.  And in a pro kitchen, consistency is key.

This digital scale is made by Salter of the UK and is very reliable consistent.  Salter has been weighing and measuring since 1760 and is a favourite of pro kitchens all over the world.  Features include:

  • Large 20mm LCD display for easy viewing
  • Very compact for easy storage
  • Switch between Metric and imperial measurements
  • Add & Weigh  'Zero' Feature (allows you to subtract weight of your bowl or container)
  • 3kg / 7lb capacity
  • Battery included (1 CR3032)
  • 10 Year Salter warranty

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