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Oven Temperature & Speed

Modern and Vintage Equivalents

Vintage reference
Farenheit Celcius
scorching or extremely hot oven 500+ 260+
very hot oven 450-475 233-260
hot oven or high heat 400-425 205-220
quick oven 375-400 190-205
moderate hot oven or medium heat 350-375 175-190
slow moderate oven 325 163
slow oven or cupboard 300 150
very slow oven or cupboard 275-300 135-150
cool oven or cupboard or cupboard 275 135
very cool oven or cupboard 250 120
rising oven or cupboard draftless 70+ 21+

Note:  Vintage measurements are notoriously innacurate.  Equivalents are based on research and vary somewhat from country to country, and even from town to town.