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Innovations for the everyday gourmet

  • Ask a Chef

    Ask a Chef

    'fumet' qu'est-ce que c'est? One of our fabulous 'Chefs on Call' will solve your culinary conundrums - answers direct to your inbox.

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  • All Wrapped Up in Pantry Staples

    All Wrapped Up in Pantry Staples

    Count on organic quinoa, chicken broth and olive oil to help turn leftovers into super-delicious, uber-nutritious lunch wraps

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  • Put Up & Preserve

    Put Up & Preserve

    Chef tricks save time, money and anxiety. Small batch preserving pantry staples like confit garlic can be done in the background while otherwise occupied. Great tip that will change your life!

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  • Party Savour!

    Party Savour!

    Make that 'saver'. Let the C@H 'Food & Wine Quick Study' help you breeze through any dinner party, negotiate a wine list with confidence (MAIR-low vs mer-LOT), and set you up as the 'go-to'.

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  • Little Black Dinner Party Apron

    Little Black Dinner Party Apron

    Protect and show off that beautiful dress (and your décolleté). For just $29.99 in evening black, with deep-v, adjustable neckline.

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