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Innovations for the everyday gourmet

  • Ask a Chef

    Ask a Chef

    'fumet' qu'est-ce que c'est? One of our fabulous 'Chefs on Call' will solve your culinary conundrums - answers direct to your inbox.

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  • All Wrapped Up in Pantry Staples

    All Wrapped Up in Pantry Staples

    Count on organic quinoa, chicken broth and olive oil to help turn leftovers into super-delicious, uber-nutritious lunch wraps

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  • Put Up & Preserve

    Put Up & Preserve

    Chef tricks save time, money and anxiety. Small batch preserving pantry staples like confit garlic can be done in the background while otherwise occupied. Great tip that will change your life!

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  • Party Savour!

    Party Savour!

    Make that 'saver'. Let the C@H 'Food & Wine Quick Study' help you breeze through any dinner party, negotiate a wine list with confidence (MAIR-low vs mer-LOT), and set you up as the 'go-to'.

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  • Little Black Dinner Party Apron

    Little Black Dinner Party Apron

    Protect and show off that beautiful dress (and your décolleté). For just $29.99 in evening black, with deep-v, adjustable neckline.

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  • Sunday Supper Resurrection

    Sunday Supper Resurrection

    Let's bring it back. Leisurely meals prepared and shared together gratefully, generously. It's what ties families and friends together

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  • Name our Imperfect Produce - Contest

    Name our Imperfect Produce - Contest

    Help us name our adorably imperfect potato from Barking Garlic Farms. Best name receives a Dinner Party Apron.

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  • Extra Nice to Give Twice

    Extra Nice to Give Twice

    The ultimate foodie gift that gives back. 100% profit from sale of Domenic Fiore Olio Novello 2015 goes to the Boys Club Network.

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  • Garnishing & Grilling Oils!

    Garnishing & Grilling Oils!

    Our everyday gourmet version of this pro-kitchen, small-batch tradition. Part of our exclusive DM Private Recipes Collection.

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  • The new

    The new 'braise'

    Not your mother's Saturday night pot roast. C@H lets you in on a professional chef secret to creating hundreds of super-easy, restaurant-worthy meals in no time.

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  • Recipe Contest

    Recipe Contest

    Submit your favourite recipe and win a dinner party apron or an OilEssence garnishing oil. Open to Canadians of all ages and skill levels. A winner every month. Enter today!

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  • Better Safe than Sorry

    Better Safe than Sorry

    The growth of small-scale ranching, and innovations like injection marination suggest more vigilance about bringing meat and seafood to recommended safe internal temperatures before consuming.

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  • Converting Weights & Measures

    Converting Weights & Measures

    At-a-glance conversions for weight, measures and temperature. Also modern equivalents for old-fashioned terms like 'slow oven', gill, noggin, goose egg, pottle, walnut and more.

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