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Contest Rules and Regulations

old recipe box 325x225Entering is easy.  Contestants can be any age, but they must reside in Canada.  Recipes must be original - that is not pinched from a book, website or television program.  Please submit recipes in traditional format using our Submit a Recipe tool, that is list all ingredients, and explain methodology and presentation details in simple language.  

A bit of background about where the recipe comes from and what makes it special to you would be nice too.  To qualify to win, contestants must agree to have their name (first name only, ok) and recipe published on the website and in our online newsletter, and the submitted recipe must test successfully in the kitchen.   One winner will be announced at the end of each month and winners will be sent their choice of a beautiful Dinner Party Apron or a DM Private Recipes OilEssenceTM Garnishing Oil.