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Who and What is Chef at Hand?

Innovation for the Everyday Gourmet.

About Us 325x225

We are a new online community of oh-so-not-pretentious Canadian food culture and cooking enthusiasts. We celebrate Canadian chefs, cooks, wine, beer, farmers, artisinal producers, and champions of heritage flora and fauna.

We are excited to share our products, ideas and inspiration, but most of all about bridging that gap between those to whom cooking comes easily, and the time-starved and economical everyday gourmet - the couple, mum, dad, student, bachelor, bachelorette, athlete, senior, child. 

Maddy in restaurant kitchen 225x325We offer at-home cooks practical advice and inspiration, and webstore access to affordable commercial kitchen basics and cross-over products not available in traditional retail stores, and we offer fundraisers 25% cash-back.

Why shouldn't everyday gourmets of all ages have access to the same calibre kitchen and cellar support  - tools, techniques, pantry basics - that professional chefs do? 

Our goal is to fit comfortably and perpetually in that creative, informative and productive space between having your very own private-chef-on-call, and your best girlfriend who knows a lot about time and money-saving cooking and entertaining - but, she's not a chef - she innovates (cheats even) to make everyday gourmet.  For more on the me in us, visit blog post What I know For Sure.

Our ovens need cleaning, our pots aren't allways shiny, we have crumbs in our cutlery drawers, and our demo kitchen is a kitchen.

We are authentic.  We are Canadian 

Canadians - passionate about cooking, baking, preserving, growing, farming, people, entertaining, libation, innovation and sharing.  Showcasing the talents, ideas and inspirations of our food-loving friends, colleagues, neighbours, families … and you.

Canada is a multi-cultural food country of nine-month long winters lived in kitchens, and short summers at the grill.  We grow the finest hockey players in the world, and many of the world's best, most innovative chefs.  We invented barn hockey, basketball, standard time, five-pin bowling, Canada Dry ginger ale, the anti-gravity suit, the electric light bulb (yes, Henry Woodward sold the patent to Edison in 1874), wireless radio, the television camera, the snowblower, the Canadarm, and the tuck-away-handle beer carton. We are innovators.

We are 

Innovation for the Everyday Gourmet.

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