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Portion Cups with Lids (100 pk)

Portion Cups with Lids (100 pk)
Product No# 88480900443
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2 ounce capacity translucent polystyrene plastic soufflé cups with lids are super handy in the kitchen. We use them for everything from dinner party prep: portioning spice and small ingredients, chopped herbs and garnishes ahead of time, to sending condiments and dressings in picnics and boxed lunches.   Not available retail.

Great for camping and boating due to their light weight. Handy outside the kitchen for sorting and viewing Barbie shoes, beads, scrapbooking and other craft items. 

The 2 ounce  (1/4 cup) capacity is ideal.  Very small in dimension - just 1.7" across the bottom, 2.4" across the top and 1.3" high with the lid on.  

Buy now online for $4.99 (pack of 100 with lids)

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