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Paper Loaf Pans-Molds - Medium (12pk)

Paper Loaf Pans-Molds - Medium (12pk)
Product No# 88480900484
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Die-hard bakers and time-starved caretakers of large families will love these made-in-Italy beauties.  Compare @ retail $21.50. 

Mass  baking and freezing cookies and muffins is one thing, but who has a dozen metal non-stick loaf pans laying in wait for bake-and-freeze days?  And, buying premium quality siliconized disposable loaf pans like these at specialty stores can offset the cost benefits of home baking.  But not anymore.

We offer two popular sizes of non-stick siliconized, freezer-safe paper loaf pans (molds) that stand alone in the oven just like regular metal pans.  Keep on-hand for holidays, mass baking days, and the every days when too many over-ripe bananas need your attention.