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Pre-Cut Flat-Pack Silicone Paper (50 sheets)

Pre-Cut Flat-Pack Silicone Paper (50 sheets)
Product No# 88480900457
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True innovation for the everyday gourmet! Tired of cutting and/or flattening rolled and/or oversized parchment paper?  Tired of dropping everything mid-bake to fight with curled baking paper, and glue it down onto your clean sheet pan with meringue or cookie dough?   We are, and we have a solution.  Three, in fact.  Not available retail.

Pre-cut 12"x16" professional baking papers ('half sheet pan' size) packaged in sturdy 13" x 18" x 1/2" re-closeable slimline boxes to tuck safely and conveniently, flat in a drawer, or vertically (yes, really) among your sheet pans and racks.  Packed in bulks of 50 pieces.  Choose from:

These items are not available retail, but are still priced far below what consumer-grade continuous or cut and rolled parchment sells for in stores.

Good idea!  Because these items qualify as non-standard for shipping (due to their odd size), you can purchase two or all three varieties and pay no more to ship all than to ship one (to the same destination, at the same time).

Shop online and pay less for more quality, innovation and inspiration, plus three-day expedited shipping to anywhere in Canada. See details.