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Blog : The Gift of H.O.P.E. a ChefBenefits initiative Blog : The Gift of H.O.P.E. a ChefBenefits initiative

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The Gift of H.O.P.E. a ChefBenefits initiative

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Domenica Fiore Olio Novello BCN Montage 600wFrom now, until supplies last, by way of ChefBenefits Delicious Profits for Fundraisers will donate all profits from the sale of Domenica Fiore Olio Novello 2015 to the Boys Club Network. 

Last night, had the pleasure of facilitating the surprise premier of Domenica Fiore's Olio Novello 2015, during a Westcoast Boys Club Network Foundation (aka BCN) event at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel Georgia.  For those of you new to Olio Novello, know that for Italians, the arrival of 'new [olive] oil' is akin to the French celebrating the arrival of Boujoulais Nouveau.  It's a big deal, a very big deal!

The Domenica Fiore Olio Novello just landed in Canada and won't be shipped out to customers until Monday November 30th, so for those in attendance last night - many of whom had been waiting on the 2015 vintage - the premier tasting was pretty special.

And it was. I have really enjoyed each vintage of Domenca Fiore Olio Novello, but this one is crazy good.  To be honest, I was cautious in my optimism, because the tasting notes read 'Fresh cut grass, chicory, tomato leaves and cardoon'.  I don't love the smell of tomato leaves (too much dead-heading perhaps) and fresh cut grass can be so strong it sinks every other fragrance and flavour in its path, but I needn't have worried.  The tasting notes were in fact right on, but what they neglected to mention was balance - those flavours are present in heavenly proportion. The tomato leaf was lovely and fruity, the chicory warm, the grass to me was more like freshly baled hay, and the cardoon was so bright - pulled straight from an Orvietan inverno orto.  And the colour - a spectacular olive/lime/unripe tomato sort of green that shimmers like polished beach glass. If anything was missing, it was enough bottles to make everyone happy.
DF Olio Novello in bowl 600w

Two large 500ml bottles disappeared quickly, soaked up into tasting-size chunks of beautiful Tuscan bread baked fresh by hotel staff.  The third bottle disappeared entirely, but was later spotted tucked tightly under the arm of a certain Olio Novello-loving host, whose Rosewood Hotel Georgia we were inhabiting, and whose company, Delta Group, had sponsored dinner.  Fair enough.

Domenica Fiore Proprietario Frank Giustra was happy to share his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm with equally enthusiastic tasters - among them actor Neal McDonough and his wife Ruvé who like me, consider olive oil a food group all its own. TSN1040's Bro Jake Edwards (event auctioneer) and Dave Pratt, and actors Cameron Bancroft, Mike Dupud, and Mike Kopsa who were there to perform in a gritty, heart-wrenching reality stage play called Man Up!, based on the true story of the original Boys Club Network.

Giustra is a founding patron of the Network and he, together with other patrons, donors, mentors and a stellar crowd of invited guests had gathered for a Networking Event to raise funds and awareness for BCN and the hundreds of at-risk boys they help all year, year after year.  When I'm not nose in a cookbook, digging around in the garden, or knee deep in the kitchen, I help the Network with communications and fundraising - hence the connection.  BCN's mandate is to provide HOPE to over 350 at-risk boys attending eight chapters throughout the Lower Mainland.

HOPE is an acronym for Hope, Oppportunity, Postive mentorship and Education.  I know first-hand that BCN squeezes every last bit of life out of each and every dollar they receive, so it is our pleasure to launch ChefBenefits in benefit of BCN.

So, when you are thinking about gifting, giving, and receiving this holiday season, consider giving or receiving HOPE in benefit of an at-risk boy who really needs it.  Your gift will be accompanied by a gift tag explaining the 100% ChefBenefit to BCN. To purchase Domenica Fiore Olio Novello, visit the Domenica Fiore pages of our online store.  If you live in the Lower Mainland and wish to purchase six or more bottles or caselots of 12 bottles, email us at and we can make local delivery arrangements.

Merry Gifting and Happy Olio!

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