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Green Peppercorns

Common Name

Latin Name Family Country/Origin
Piper nigrum Piperaceae Madagascar

Green peppercorns are from piper nigrum, the same plant as black peppercorns. Picked at the same stage of ripeness, the only difference is that green peppercorns are not left out to dry completely and darken. This results in a less intense flavor than black pepper and a milder aroma and taste.

Immediately after being picked, green peppercorns are generally placed in brine in order to preserve their softness and prevent them from drying and darkening. One timeless favorite steakhouse recipe adds soft green peppercorns to a simple beef broth and cognac sauce, and served over filet mignon grilled to perfection.

For more information and history on piper nigrum, see Black Pepper.

Purported Medicinal Qualities*

See Black Pepper.

*Always check with your healthcare provider before consuming, inhaling or otherwise ingesting any non-prescription or prescription natural or homeopathic substance or pharmaceutical. is not recommending, suggesting, inferring or otherwise endorsing the use of any herb or spice as a medication.

Culinary/Suggested Use

Green peppercorns are often found in peppercorn mixes, along with black and red peppercorns. They can also be found pickled, freeze-fried and occasionally fresh. Green peppercorns are easy to grind or crush and go well with Thai food, steaks, duck, pork, fish and cream-based sauces. Fresh green peppercorns can easily be preserved in vinegar and offer, a fresher, milder flavor in comparison to black peppercorns.  Food for thought:

  • Sprinkle brined peppercorns over julienne vegetable salad
  • Grind green, pink and black peppercorns over soft, pale cheeses before serving
  • Grind mixed peppercorns over eggs and egg dishes
  • Garnish smoked salmon and cream cheese with soft green peppercorns instead of capers.
  • Add soft green peppercorns to white sauce recipes and serve with pasta

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