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Curry Leaves

Common Name

Latin Name Family Country/Origin
Murraya koenigii Rutaceae India

Also known as Kadhi Patta orMeetha Neem. Despite what its name suggests, curry leaves have no relation to curry powder. Native to India and Sri Lanka, curry leaves are the leaves of a medium sized domestic shrub that can be found in and around Southern Indian residential areas. Growing up to five meters tall, the leaves are the only edible part of murraya koenigii. These small, pointed leaves are relatively unknown outside of India, yet have been used for hundred of years as herbal medicine for numerous ailments.

Tasting somewhat bitter, curry leaves smell faintly of lemon and anise. They are generally found in vegetarian curries, but are also a key ingredient in meat curries in Sri Lanka.

Purported Medicinal Qualities*

Curry leaves are native to India and can be found throughout many traditional medicines across India. The widespread use of curry leaves as a medicine does not go unwarranted. This tasty leaf has many medicinal properties ranging from digestive discomfort to skin irritations.

Historically, curry leaves have been used to:

  • Prevent and relieve nausea
  • Soothe upset stomachs
  • As a carminative
  • Soothe skin irritations
  • Help clear up acne
  • As a source of vitamin A and calcium
  • Promote weight loss
  • Relieve kidney related pain

*Always check with your healthcare provider before consuming, inhaling or otherwise ingesting any non-prescription or prescription natural or homeopathic substance or pharmaceutical. is not recommending, suggesting, inferring or otherwise endorsing the use of any herb or spice as a medication.

Culinary/Suggested Use

Curry leaves should be one of the first ingredients used when cooking. Sautee whole, chopped or torn leaves in hot oil to release their flavour and then add the other ingredients. Be sure not to fry the leaves for too long as they burn easily. Curry leaves once cooked become quite soft and do not have to be removed before serving. Try adding them to homemade chutney or homemade samosas.

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