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Culinary definition of mince To chop into very small, fine pieces.

minced garlic 325x225A helpful mental image to have when mincing food is one of tiny pieces of cracked wheat or bulgar.  That granular size more-or-less represents the size of a mince.  Minced garlic is sometimes called for in recipes and it is readily available as a prepared food in a jar. 

With the exception of shallots and onion, not very many other foods are minced as a matter of course - and thank heavens for that. Chefs sometimes finely mince or ultra-finely dice red pepper or tomato shell as a garnish  -  looks gorgeous but is very time consuming. 

Mince as a verb is not to be confused with mince as a noun - as in mince pies. Mincemeat for pies is a cooked mixture of dried fruit, spices, spirits and beef (meat and/or) suet baked into small (typically) pies.  Old cook books sometimes refer to ground meat as 'minced' meat, but not so today.

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