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Culinary definition of deglaze To remove bits of browned meat of food from the bottom of a roasting pan or skillet, by adding liquid in small amounts while simultaneously scraping the bits away.  The flavourful bits are often incorporated into a sauce or gravy.

deglazing with wine copper pan 325x225This is a great way to boost flavour but take care NOT to use this technique if most of the bits at the bottom of the pan are burned. 

Very often just a few bits are distastefully 'crisped', and if you are careful, you can scrape those bits away and discard them, before de-glazing the rest of the pan.  Real life isn't perfect, so sometimes it's better to skirt the edges than have an otherwise boring gravy or reduction sauce.  Can't hurt to try.

Our mothers and grandmothers likely de-glazed roasting pand drippings using hot water or maybe, if she was very adventurous she added an Oxo cube or highly-salted broth cube for added flavour.  We like to use low-sodium tetra-packed broths, beer (non-bitter variety; makes lovely, frothy bubbles on adding), wine (above), cider, etc, to really bump up the flavour. Pan gravy restores the dignity of not-so-loved wine, or leftover flat Champagne. Remember to add salt 'at the end' because reducing the sauce also concentrates the saltiness.

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