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Say goodbye to paisley & man-style

Say hello to lovely!

Dinner Party Apron display 325x225No offense fellas.  We love you but not your barbeque apron.  Our pretty and practical dinner party apron is one of those great ideas that took way too long to find its way into our kitchens.

Too many beautiful dresses hidden under paisley aprons that clash - or worse - those heavy canvas many-style barbeque aprons with the combination draw-string neckstrap and waist ties that bunch up around the middle and do nothing to show off that dress or your personal style.

Our dinner party aprons are tough but beautiful - just like you. 

Features include a flat-seam adjustable velcro closure at the back of the neck - no more bumpy bows poking out under your hair; light-sheen fabric that washes up beautifully; just enough give to fit flatteringly snug at the waist or lower on the hip.  The v-neck is equally flattering over dresses and blouses, lending elegance or business-like appeal to suit the occasion.  Made in Canada.  It comes in basic black only (of course), and one size fits all (really).

  • Light weight 100% poly with smooth, pocketless front (not shown). 
    Measures 38" long x 26" wide with 29" self-ties.  Retail $29.99.  Buy now for $19.99
  • Medium weight 65/35 poly cotton blend with two front pockets (shown above). 
    Measures 38" long x 27" wide with 27" self-ties.  Retail $44.99.   Buy now for $34.99

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