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Bring Back Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper Slide 575w

We are making it our mission to resurrect Sunday Supper.  To slow life down some each week - long enough at least to plan and create a loving and life-affirming Sunday afternoon table to share with friends and family.

A culinary span of generations, reflective of Sundays not so long ago when families made time.  Time for each other. Time to be generous. Time to be grateful.

Because time, flies.  Before we know it our children are gone and grandparents pass, friends move on and the album of kitchen table memories we need to nourish and sustain us, is empty.

Sunday Supper Slide 2 575w





The number of chairs and the size of the table matter not at all.  What matters is that we share them and that we are mindful when we do, that we are blessed with food and fellowship.

Blessed even, for the sink full of bubbles we wade into afterward, elbow-deep, to reflect on Sunday Supper and our good fortune of family and friends.

We are working hard to create and provide ongoing inspiration for Sunday dinner shopping, cooking and celebrations. Please visit our Sunday Supper recipe pages and if you haven't done so already, sign up for our newsletter.

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