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Extra Nice to Give Twice

From now until quantities expire, our social enterprise division ChefBenefitsTM Delicious Profits for Fundraisers, is giving 100% of profits from the sale of Domenica Fiore Olio Novello 2015 to the registered Canadian charity Westcoast Boys Club Network Foundation.  BUY NOW!

For friends, family and corporate gifting, give something extraordinary, storied, and value-added.  Be extra nice and give twice.  EXTRA NICE gift tags for each bottle purchased are included, so everyone knows how nice you are and how their gift gives back to westcoast boys at-risk.

DF Olio Novello montage 565w

Olio Novello is an extraordinary organic, extra virgin olive oi from Orvieto Italy.  Organic, limited run of just 5500 bottles.

Tasting notes:  'Chicory, tomato leaves and cardoon. So spectacular you'll want to drink it.'  Olio Novello means 'new oil' - a fresh, unfiltered, brilliant emerald EVOO with low acidity and high in anti-oxidants.  Beautiful for drizzling and finishing.  Read our Gift of HOPE blog post for more tasting notes....

To learn more about the Westcoast Boys Club Network Foundation visit their website.



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